How To Get Singapore Travel Visa

Getting a Singapore visa is called a tourism visit or short trip visa. It’s typically for short stays of between one and six months, and it’s available on your own or as a short stay tourist in Singapore.

The longer you stay, the more expensive it will be. The shorter the stay, the cheaper it will be. Either way, visiting Singapore is worth it!

To get the tourism visit visa, you must go to an Indonesian embassy or consulate in Singapore and apply for your visa there. You can either send your application directly to the Indonesian authorities or if they are more advanced than us, you can send them our application first.

Apply for a visit visa

how to get singapore travel visa

If you want to visit Singapore for a short period of time, you can apply for a visit visa. A visit visa allows you to stay in Singapore for less than six months.

To apply for a visit visa, you will need to submit your passport and travel document(s). The immigration officer will review your passport and travel document(s) to see if they are appropriate for the visa.

If the immigration official determines that your travel document(s) are valid for the purpose of the visa, she or he will grant you the visa and allow you to enter Singapore on a temporary basis.

Have valid travel documents

how to get singapore travel visa

If you are traveling to Singapore on a tourist visa, you need to have a valid passport or travel document that shows you live in Singapore.

Traveling with a landed immigrant status is also not recommended as this requires coming into contact with the authorities which can be nerve-wracking.

If you are traveling on a business visa, you do not need to have a passport but your business document(s) must be valid for at least 6 months until the date of your visit.

If you are traveling as a family, it is recommended to have a passport as your individual’s national identity documents may not get lost easily. Families often fly together so that when one person gets their visa, they can come straight onto the plane!

Having only one type of visa in Singapore is good if your main purpose is tourism or business activities. If your trip has more purpose-based activities, then going with an alliance country’s travel Visa will help get entry into Singapore (see below for more information).

Provide personal and travel details

how to get singapore travel visa

When you come to Singapore, you will need a visa to come and stay. You can get a short-term visa for up to three months if you provide proof of trip purpose and past trips.

The trip must be for educational purposes and you must arrange your stay in advance. The visa can be applied for up to two weeks before appointment time.

There are two types of visas: short-term (less than six months) and long-term (more than six months). A long-term visa cannot be extended, only replaced. A long-term visa does not grant entry into Singapore, it merely givesYou a exit clearance.

Short-term visas do not allow entry into Singapore and cannot be replaced if it gets expired.

Pay the application fee

how to get singapore travel visa

Once you have your visa, we suggest you do not pay any other application fees or fees for visiting businesses or shops while in Singapore.

As a foreign national, you will need to register as a business or register as a vendor at the Singapore Business Hub. Likewise, as a vendor you must register as a supplier at the Vendor Registration Office. Both of these are required when operating as a business in Singapore.

Both the Business Association and the Vendor Registration Office require proof of funds when opening an account respectively. You can apply for your bank account and/or credit card directly from those companies respectively.

Both the Business Association and the Vendor Registration Office have their own websites, however they are often outdated and/or out of date by the time you get to use them.

Make an online account

how to get singapore travel visa

Before you can fly to Singapore, you need a Singapore travel visa. A travel visa is required by all foreign nationals who are visiting Singapore for more than 90 days.

To fly to Singapore, you will need a tourism visa. You can get your visa directly from the Singapore immigration authorities or through a embassy or consulate.

Either way, it should come in the form of a long-term resident document rather than a tourist document. The long-term resident visa is usually valid for up to five years and can be extended with another year when you show proof of re-entry status.

Take your photo

how to get singapore travel visa

In order to get a Singapore travel visa, you will have to take a photo. This may sound strange, but don’t worry if you do not yet have a camera or phone with you. You can still apply for the visa online via!

Using your phones camera is not a good enough photo to obtain a travel visa in Singapore, so get some good shots before you depart!

You can either take the photos using your computer or laptop, or you can go hands-on with the application form. If you decide to go with the computer method, make sure you save all your changes as it may take some time for it to be recognized by the application system.

When taking the photos, make sure they are taken in clear conditions and away from anything that could cause damage.

Submit your application

how to get singapore travel visa

After your visa is approved, it is time to submit your application. Submit your application at least two months before the date of arrival in Singapore.

It can take up to two months for your application to be processed, and for it to arrive in time for you to receive the visa!

That is why it is important to submit your application early! It must be there at the same day that you send it in, or it will not be processed.

Some Visa Office locations do not receive new applications until late April or early May, which makes getting one’s visa later difficult.

Wait for your visa

how to get singapore travel visa

Once your visa has been granted, the next step is to wait for your arrival flight date. You can do this either by going to the visa application centre at the airport upon your arrival or at least two days before your flight.

If you apply at the application centre, they will likely send you away for an interview. If you go at least two days before your flight, they will most likely send you on an early-arrival slip which you can use at the airport upon your arrival.

Either way, make sure to arrive at least two days before your flight so that they can prepare an adequate waiting area and reception staff.

Once there, look for a vacant waiting area or spot where someone could sit or take a break.



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