How To Learn WordPress Web Design

Web design is a fast-paced, ever-changing field. What you do for a living is notileyly a stepping stone to increasing your web design career. Because of this, it is crucial that you learn new technologies every so often.

Today, new software tools like Google Analytics and Twitter Streaming are required tools for any modern website.

Invest in a good wordpress tutorial

how to learn wordpress web design

Having a basic understanding of web design can be frustrating at times. There are so many tutorials, but they all look the same and explain in very little detail.

With web design, there is a fine line between information overload and under-do-wellness. There are many ways to learn web design, but the most effective are from wordpress themes and design frameworks.

WordPress themes come in several different styles and variations, some of which are ultra-basic and only use the top part of your website. These can be very limiting for new designers.

As new designers enter the scene, they are forced to learn how to use the same basic components that already know how to use them.

Buy some wordpress books

how to learn wordpress web design

While no new wordpress books can change how you design your website or blog, some can give you some valuable resources to use in your development.

Some of these books include WordPress The Easy Way, WordPress The Day Job Handbook, and WordPress Design & Development Essentials. Each of these books can help you learn how to develop a website by introducing them at the start of your website design process.

At the beginning of your website design process, there is more time to look at examples and get inspired. Once you start working on your site, getting some good resource material is useful again!

WordPress is a great platform for learning because there are tons of free sites out there that you can turn into the next Facebook, Google, or Twitter. By mixing in some development with my site, I will continue to show my growth as an entrepreneur.

Watch wordpress tutorials on YouTube

how to learn wordpress web design

A lot of beginner web designers rely on YouTube as their main resource for learning web design. There are thousands of videos focused on the specific topic of wordpress design tutorial!

Many video designers become successful professionals by offering their services at a higher level. As a beginner, you can watch some highly regarded video designs to get the basic layout and functionality of your website.

Since these video designs are so popular, they may not be the best choice if you need a high level of professionalism. They may also be difficult to relate to as you can not see the details because they are hidden by the design.

WordPress is very customizable so you do not need to buy a new platform to update your website.

Build your own website

how to learn wordpress web design

As the name suggests, build your own website looks like it came right out of a web design manual. There are millions of websites and millions of designs, so you can choose any style and design you want.

Many people use this route to learn because it is more integrated into their other skills. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for website design.

Like learning a new language, you start with basic structures and sentence structure. Then, you move on to more complex structures and content. You learn how to add photos, videos, and e-commerce functionality on your site.

This is a great way to re-introduce yourself to website design and take some pressure off of yourself. Once you get some good practices down, you can move on to more complicated projects.

Practice coding words

how to learn wordpress web design

While there is no exact step-by-step wordpress web design tutorial, there are some core concepts that you should include in your coding. These concepts include:

WordPress Code Functions

WordPress code functions are used to handle operations such as add menu button, update current theme, and delete current theme. These operations can be performed on your website using its coding, or by plugin developers.

Modal Menus

A modal menu is used when visitors to your website need to make a decision before proceeding with the site. A good modal menu should convey enough information for someone to make a decision about what site they want to visit, but not too much so that people cannot use it if something more appropriate matches their needs.

Learn HTML and CSS

how to learn wordpress web design

You will also learn how to code in the web design realm. There are thousands of websites that use HTML and CSS to create stunning, interactive sites.

HTML is the coding language used to write web pages. It is an easy language to learn, but you must know CSS to use it.

CSS is the coding language used to write web pages. It is the default language for designing a page because it is so easy to use.

Study examples of well-designed blogs

how to learn wordpress web design

WordPress is a very popular platform for web designers to create blogs for commercial and personal use. This is thanks to the easy to use platform and large community of designers supporting their tools.

When looking at examples of well-designed websites, there are several key elements that make a website design great. These include:

• Choosing a Song or Music Theme

WordPress sites usually have a specific theme or music style that is used in the design. Using this as your base will help you find inspiration for your site’s look.

• Choosing Your Features and Functions

WordPress has many features that can be selected on the site. However, most people do not utilize these since they are so simple to use.

Find a mentor

Find a web designer or developer who mentors web designers or developers who are new to wordpress. They may be able to help you take a break and teach you how to learn new concepts in web design and development.

Many times, new developers look to other developers for inspiration and best practices. You can even go through their websites and hear what they say about new concepts and how they designed websites before.

Look up comments, questions, or requests from other users about a website you’re trying to design and answer the questions for it. You will get some great ideas that may work for your website!

Finding a mentor does not have to be difficult, expensive, or take long.



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