Seo Beginner Tutorial

Seo is a keyword-based strategy that focuses on getting people to click on your links and/or view your content. As the term suggests, this strategy involves using online search engines such as Google or the Webmaster Tools to increase your chances of finding a site or content you desire.

Seo is a methodology, so while it can be applied to any type of content, it really comes into play when it comes to SEO.

Meta tags

seo beginner tutorial

As the first introduction to seo, you can do one of three things: create a new meta tag, update an existing tag, or delete a existing tag. The second and third options include creating a new keyword or updating an existing one.

Both the new and updated tags have to match the domain you are using to determine if they are working. If they do, people will link to your site!

The first step in creating a new meta tag is entering the title of your site. Then, you can add any other key words that may be associated with your site.

To update an existing meta tag, you must first find the old one and then update it to match the new ones. This can be done by finding which key words have associated with it, adding them to the new one, and then confirming them.

Deleting a meta tag does not remove information from sites that use it; only sites that use it must now update their pages to meet the requirements.

Title tags

seo beginner tutorial

When creating a blog post’s title, you should make some important decisions.

Does the post have a subject? If not, create a new title that has a subject.

If the post has a subject, but does not have a tag line, add a tag line to help organize your posts.

Remember to use the same title for different posts, even though they may be organized differently. This will help keep readers hooked and return them to your site as often as possible.

Bullet point continued: Tag lines can be helpful when creating categories on your site. For example, drugstore beauty products have an eye-catching tag line of “make beautiful eyes and lips without spending an arm and leg”.

When categorizing by type such as products or services, include a brief category tag line to help unify your content under one roof.

Description tags

seo beginner tutorial

A type of tag used in articles that describes what a piece of information is for. These are linked to out of an article, into a more detailed piece of information, or made into an additional feature.
Topic descriptions can help guide readers to the content they need help with and provide some extra information for those who are not familiar with the content.

It is very common to have them in conjunction with content blocks such as images, videos, tables, and other pieces of information. They can also be used as breading for different things like titles, sub-titles, and may even create a clear structure for the content.

When using label-like type of text such as describe or tell, these may be used to create gaps between the text and block so it does not look like it is just copied and pasted.

Image files

seo beginner tutorial

Before you can use image files in your websites, you must put them into your website. There are many ways to create image files for your website, but for now, we will talk about using Adobe Photoshop as a seo tutorial tool.

You can download Photoshop from its website, or if you have another program that accepts images file types, then you can use that also. Either way, you must have some skill in using the software to create unique and quality images for your website.

This software is very powerful, so do not try to use it if you are not knowledgeable about its functions. You must study it before you start creating images!

Many people start with just creating a couple of simple images that they want their site to look like.


seo beginner tutorial

A compression strategy is another important part of the seo beginner algorithm. Compression is the process of reducing the size of an image or document by removing unnecessary elements.

By removing unnecessary elements, you make your content easier to digest and find in a mob or search engine. This can help gives you more time to finesse your message instead of simply stating your subject matter.

Many compressors have a stages mode that allows you to set how much space elements must have in the document. Some editors will not allow all characters, so you must set it to a safe minimum amount like 1-2 bytes.

This will prevent problems with files becoming corrupted or being insufficiently compressed for some applications to recognize.


Seo is all about getting your link in as fast as possible. If you are not putting anything into your seo campaign, then you are going to be waiting for a while. That is okay! You can do it slowly at first, but once you start, you will want to keep going because it is so rewarding.

The more time you spend in your seo campaign, the more views and clicks your links will get. This is totally fine! Just remember to budget for this as part of your seo plan.

Trying hard in the beginning may feel stressful, but eventually that excitement will wear off and you will be like, “What was that all about?” Then you can stop spending time on the site and getting results!

Seem hard at first? Read on for some tips from our experts.


seo beginner tutorial

Despite all the other techniques introduced so far, be sure to include a brief discussion of redirects. This may be important for newer SEOs, as they understand how to use them.

Redirects allow you to change your domain or Url to target a different set of visitors. For example, if your site is about kitchen appliances, you can create a redirected URL such as

This is very useful, however be careful not to go too far and redirect to a site that is only about appliances instead of leaving the audience with an interesting and unique content experience.

It’s also important to note that redirection does not necessarily work the way you expect it to.

Server location

seo beginner tutorial

When you sign up for a website or service, you’re agreeing to give them your data. Usually, this means your email address and/or phone number.

If you leave the site without using their services, you’re giving them permission to collect your information. This can be useful if you decide to come back, like their marketing campaigns may tempt you to do!

If you decide to join the website or service, then your information is also storing on the server in an unencrypted format. If it were stolen, it would be very difficult for them to get it back as they useencrypted format.

To keep your data secure, it is recommended that users use a secure website or app rather than a mobile app due to storage requirements. Also make sure your password is strong and that notifications are turned on when someone logs in.



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